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Professional Services

System Integration Through the combined strengths of our tools and solutions-focused hub frameworks, we connect the systems out in the cloud and inside the data center.

Middleware Platforms and Technologies DIRAC Middleware Practice experts understand the systems integration and data transformation power of middle platforms and technologies that include: Platforms such as IBM MQ, IBM BMP, TIBCO and Technologies such as Java, .NET

Utilizing Enterprise Data for Useful Insights We work with our customers to identify the valuable data sources for their business. In addition to normal structured data, we help our customers utilize and derive value from the large volumes of unstructured data like application logs and machine logs.

Business Intelligence DIRAC SYSTEMS leverages its expertise, cross-industry track record, and strong partnerships to offer scalable BI and data warehousing services that deliver enterprise-wide data consistency, dashboard reporting, and performance management as well as spend visibility solutions.

Data Visualization DIRAC Data Visualization services can help your company elevate the decision-making process for business executives. We use innovative tools and approaches such as informed dashboards, mobile business intelligence (BI), self-service capabilities, data discovery and interactive data visualization to pull the real value out of silos of data.

SAP Services and Technologies SAP is in our DNA. Our clients’ success is based on our deep understanding of SAP methodologies and processes. With DIRAC SAP you can have confidence in your SAP journey and ensure your project is a success. DIRAC SAP Team masters SAP HANA practice, and is seen by SAP as the go-to partner for digitally transforming your SAP portfolio. We have a The depth and breadth of our knowledge and understanding of SAP products, combined with our agile approach enables our clients to experience results quicker, mitigate risk, and lower their total cost of ownership.

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