The Next Business Suite

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Innovation is the master key to maximize your business, the faster your organization can innovate, the faster you can reach your goals, The traditional ERPs Systems often have a slowness way to prove that, so we recommend our newest cloud ERP App. “ BZNX “ from Dirac , which considered the preferred ERP software for small and medium companies .

choose your Add-ons and build your own package

  1. Basic package
    1. Financial Management
    2. Sales Management
    3. Inventory Management
    4. Purchasing Management
  1. Add-ons

a- Human Resource
b- Customer Relationship Management
c- Point of Sale
d-Manufacturing Management
e-Project Management
f-Marketing Management

BZNX is a Rental solution, full SAAS ERP solution so we say “Enjoy your work and leave us all the trouble “


Dirac gives you the ability to achieve what you aspire to in your business