DIRAC 1.4 Standard Edition

This is the silver edition of Dirac ERP we call it Dirac Standard edition (Dirac SD)

DIRAC 1.4 Standard Edition is business management software (ERP) designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, it aims to automate key business functions in financials, Supply chain management, sales and human resources.

DIRAC 1.4 Standard Edition

is an Affordable, Easy-to-Use ERP Software Designed Specifically for Growing Businesses It enables you to manage your critical business functions across sales, inventory, financials, manufacturing and HR all in a single integrated system. With DIRAC 1.4 Standard Edition, you can instantaneously access a complete and up-to-the-minute view of your business, so you can respond to customers faster and grow your business more profitably.

Benefits of the DIRAC 1.4 Standard Edition

• Increased Productivity and Efficiency. …
• Cost Efficient
• Data Analysis and Reporting. …
• Maintain consistent operations.
• Fully web interface
• real time chat
• dynamic reporting / pivots
• approvals engine
• calendar
• theme store
• Multi-language
• active notifications
• archiving system
• fully responsive
• Documents user comment

The Key Functionalities of DIRAC 1.4 Standard Edition

• Accounting and Financials.
• Sales Management.
• Purchasing Management.
• Inventory Control.
• Manufacturing Management.
• Human Resources


Dirac gives you the ability to achieve what you aspire to in your business