Fawry Payday

Welcome to the ultimate HR management solution in Egypt!

Fawry Payday is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool that automates your HR processes and makes your business more efficient. It seamlessly integrates with all your platforms and is compliant with the Egypt Labor Law, ensuring your data is secure.

At Fawry Payday, we understand the needs of HR management, and we’re here to help you cover all your HR needs.

Our smart solutions increase productivity and efficiency, providing you with the best tools to manage your workforce.


Streamline your payroll process with our robust, efficient, and automated system, which seamlessly integrates with relevant third parties, reducing administrative burdens and automating payroll tasks.


Submit and review various employee requests on Fawry Payday HR, and immerse yourself in a comprehensive digital experience.


Easily manage employee attendance and overtime with our real-time, centralized reporting system. Our system automatically synchronizes with payroll and HR operations to provide you with accurate data and streamline your business operations.

Empower your team

Empower your employees to clock in and out, request leaves, claim expenses, and more, using the Fawry Payday app.


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